Product Spotlight: Sentiments


A decade and a half ago was when I began cooking, primarily for myself. As time progressed and friends began to hear about what I could do in my kitchen, the amount of people I cooked for naturally increased. Over the years, I’ve made it a point to avoid complacency and embrace the diversity of the culinary realm. And with the exploration of the various types of cuisine in existence around the world, I found myself living in grocery stores.

The amount of time I spend shopping for ingredients is borderline comical to some. For me, it’s my opportunity to explore. I browse aisles of grocers as one would do the racks of oversized department stores, keeping my eyes peeled for that one ingredient that could potentially take my cooking to uncharted heights. And when I travel, you have now idea how giddy I get when I’m able to visit a market specific to that region. It’s like Christmas!

It is usually when I’m vacationing in another state or overseas that I encounter culinary items I’ve never seen before. That tradition came to a screeching halt two months ago when I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting a man by the name of Jorge Pacheco.

Jorge is a husband, a father of four and an extended father to five dogs and two Siamese cats.

Since the age of 19, he has spent his life in Uruguay trading and as a broker for a variety of canned goods and frozen proteins — many of which have since found their places in grocery stores here in the States. Six months ago, he made the bold decision to move with his family to Miami. On the night we met, he introduced me to the reasons why he is here.

And today, I take great pleasure in introducing the first of a dynamic pair to you.


Sentiments is a creation that continues to leave me in awe. These golden spheres made of a delicate and flavorful seaweed are filled with the most exuberant and fruity extra virgin olive oil you may ever taste. And while you can cook with them like you would any ordinary oil, Sentiments is designed to add flavor to a dish after the meal is prepared.


Each pearl of olive oil bursts in your mouth when you bite into it, producing bright and vibrant explosions of zest. And if you happen to accidentally break one or two of the olive oil pearls with your fork, your dish will get a finish that no other ingredient can give.


When Jorge was introduced to this product, he knew it was special. The quality and uniqueness of Sentiments quickly convinced him to bring this gem to the United States in the hopes of giving it a proper home. After tasting Sentiments myself, I immediately envisioned its presence in a number of dishes I’ve made in the past as well as in dishes I’ve eaten at restaurants here in Miami and beyond. It is an essential ingredient culinary establishments should consider, as its use adds both impeccable flavor and elegance to any dish it graces.


I thank Jorge for introducing me to such a transformational element. And in honor of his commitment to Sentiments and the value that product holds, I devote this week to recipes from my kitchen showcasing Jorge’s great gift to me.

Stayed tuned as the fun begins!

For more information about obtaining these products and services, email Jorge at:

Click here to learn more about Jorge Pacheco.

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