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About the blog

The recipes you’ll find on this site take the unnecessary stress and guesswork out of what you’re going to make for your next gathering. With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll execute seemingly-complex dishes that are uninhibited by the guidelines of the culinary traditions that exist in every culture.

Here is where the flavors of Tuscany meet the barbecue techniques of Texas. Herbs of Mexico find a second home in French-inspired entrees. Pasta, the panini, the quesadilla and others broaden their horizons as they become vehicles that know no cultural boundaries without breaking a sweat. You’ll have fun producing meals of all types that you and your guests will devour with your eyes before your tastebuds have a chance to embrace the delicious spread that you’ve conjured.

About me

Mosidiyane “Mosi” Patterson, Chef & Owner of Marvelous Mo’s Catering

As a self-taught professional chef, most of the gatherings my husband and I have at our home are opportunities for me to express my love through the food that I make. Going only with what feels right, the recipes I share with you are proclamations of who I am and of what I believe cooking to be. And from my dishes, I hope to inspire a passion for communicating through the food that you make based on the recipes you’ll find here.

2 thoughts

  1. It’s rare that I find a blog where I crave pretty much every recipe posted on it, but that’s definitely the case with yours – and when they’re a Vancouverite, it’s even better.


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