Pescatarian: Why oh why?

Version 2

My husband came home from work the other night with news. In light of our combined 160-pound weight loss over the last year, he and a dear friend of ours that he works with had been discussing all of the dietary choices we had been making to complement the amount of exercising we have committed ourselves to week-to-week. While we still indulge in tasty, fatty, need-a-nap-after-you-eat meals, we have found a balance that has enabled us to increase our level of good health while enjoying the kinds of food we have always loved.

To my surprise, Jeremiah and our friend Maria decided that they were going to take our dietary changes one step (one HUGE step) further.

As a lover of all things beef, pork, chicken and turkey, my heart leapt into my throat when I heard the words “I want to go pescatarian for a month” uttered from my husband’s mouth. This came after I had made the decision to already do the unthinkable — give up all milk products for all of February.

One of the things I have found in my day-to-day eating is that while I have comfortably cut down on the amount of carbs I intake (which had been the weight gain culprit all along), there have still been foods that I look to when I’m wanting something a little more decadent than a lean protein. From wedge salads to buffalo wings and juicy ribeye steaks and anything else I can smother in some kind of sauce, those pesky “bad” fats have haunted me.

I’m a firm believer in moderation. But what the successful lifestyle changes my husband and I have shown us is that a new challenge every-so-often is what we need both physically and mentally to keep our progress moving forward.

It all truly started with SoulCycle right here in Miami Beach and our decision to commit to riding with some of the best instructors (and now friends) the company has to offer. With the physical activity came a desire to change the way we fueled our bodies. And after 8 months of finding a new home on the saddle of a stationary bike, we take our journey one step further.

This February is the month I commit to not only eating but also making pescatarian dishes void of dairy. It is a challenge on so many fronts and it is one I welcome with open arms!

So, for the next 28 days, my promise to you is this: recipes that celebrate fish, vegetables, fruit and an array of other ingredients that will please your tastebuds beyond imagination. Prepare to be satisfied in ways you never thought was possible by dishes that combine flavorful ingredients in creative and inspiring ways!

Strap in folks! Here’s to a month of amazingly healthy and delicious food!

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