Togathercuisine’s Week In Review: 6/5-6/12


There is so much grey area out in the world that it’s hard to know what is the absolute right thing to do. And while we are all human with our own political, religious and moral views, one thing is for certain. Very few things can exist without love. With love comes an inherent respect that we all must carry for one another, regardless of who we are and from where we come. It is something we have for our family and friends. It is what inspires us to care for one another. It drives everything I do in my kitchen and is the reason behind some of the biggest decisions I’ve made in life — one of which was marrying my husband.

Every recipe I publish on this site is my attempt to give the world another way to express love. Cooking is one of the main ways my grandmother has shown her unconditional affection to those in her life. And it has unconsciously become an outlet for me.

In light of the growing tragedies near and far, I hope all of you make it a point to show love to one another in the best way you know how. Do everything you can to prove that love can and will win out in the end. And here at, I promise to continue putting forth the love I have in the manner in which my grandmother taught me.


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