5 Essential Serving Dishes for the Everyday Host

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When we think about throwing a party, the first thing we should ask ourselves is what kind of party is it that we intend to host. Generally speaking, there are two types of gatherings one can have — formal and informal. There will of course be nuances specific to the individual gathering itself, but there is one constant that will give your party an elevated flair. You could be hosting a sit-down dinner, putting together a buffet line or a picnic outside. Regardless of the party’s nature, having serving dishes on hand is essential.

There are so many types of serving dishes to choose from, and some of them can be extremely pricey. While I am a bargain hunter and a total sucker for a good deal, I have found instances where spending a little extra is okay. It comes down to where and how often you intend to use the serving dishes that you buy.

With that said, here are the 5 Essential Serving Dishes for the Everyday Host that will provide both a convenience and elegance to presenting the food that you cook.

  1. The Serving Bowl 

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    It does not matter what shape it is, the serving bowl is one piece that every household needs to own. It can be used to present salads, pasta, bread of all kinds, rice, sauces, and the list goes on. When I began entertaining on a regular basis and started focusing on upgrading my kitchen arsenal, this was one of the first changes i made to my line of serving dishes. It is versatile and because it is so high-sided, it offers much needed stability to foods that have the potential to spill.

  2. The Corningware

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    Offering versatility unique to this kind of kitchen instrument, corningware acts as both a baking and a serving dish. There is beauty to just about every kind of corningware dish available for sale, which enables you to transfer food directly from your oven to your table without any aesthetic sacrifice. This 2-in-1 dish will also lessen your after-party cleaning load. While these dishes do come in a variety of sizes, you pay for what you are getting. The larger the dish, the more expensive, especially in comparison to those serving dishes that are not oven-safe. But rest assured, it is worth every penny.

  3. The Cake StandFullSizeRender 8

    If you are throwing a party and there is a cake, put it on a pretty stand and it’s going to look awesome. What is great about owning a cake stand is that you can also use it for showcasing other items like smaller pastries and savory finger foods. Its elevation will draw the eye of anyone approaching it, so use this for something you absolutely want people to notice.

  4. The Tiered StandFullSizeRender 7

    Similar to the cake stand, this item is great for showcasing smaller pastries and finger foods. With most tiered stands, the dishes themselves are removable and can be used without being propped up. This also makes it very easy to replenish whatever goodies you have on the platters without having to remove the entire apparatus, enabling you to keep your spread stocked at all times.

  5. The Serving PlatterFullSizeRender 3

    The serving platter is used to showcase the centerpiece of your meal in the grand way in which what you cook deserves to be presented. During a dinner party, this dish’s arrival is what everyone anticipates. If you are looking to add elegance and practicality to your next gathering, having one of these will offer both. This platter is ideal for large cuts of meat like rib roasts and turkeys. The key is for your platter to have raised edges, which will keep whatever juices present from spilling on your table (and your guests!). Invest money in at least one serving platter that is large, heavy and ornate, for it is that dish that will one day be an heirloom filled with a lifetime of memories made at your dining table.

My 5 Essential Serving Dishes for the Everyday Host are tools that you should have to ensure that whatever food you serve at your gatherings are presented in they way they deserve. Think about the work you put into the food that you make. While there is a time and place for aluminum pans and plastic bowls, it never hurts to give a party’s aesthetic a classic and elegant upgrade.



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