The Regal



It’s usually around this time of year that I’d be getting in the holiday mood. Colder temperatures arrive. The sun no longer lingers beyond 6pm. And there are Christmas decorations for sale in pretty much any store you go into. What I’m discovering, now that I live in Miami Beach, is that despite the daily early darkness and the tinsel filling the aisles in retail outlets, it doesn’t feel like the holiday season to me. And that’s because it’s hot. Sweaty hot. Sunbathe-on-the-beach kind of hot. There isn’t and won’t ever be snow or even the visible stream of breath shooting from my mouth during the late Autumn evenings outside. What there will be are the memories of past holidays, the joy had in the presence of family and friends and a happy look forward to making new memories here in south Florida.

Memories mold so much of my day. They influence how I feel and what I cook. And today, I share with you a cocktail that reminds me of one of the happiest moments of my life.

With a house bustling with the presence of 30 of our closest friends and family, my husband and I celebrated our yearly “Friendsgiving” for the first time in the house we purchased last year in Fairfield, CT. On one of the only days of the year my husband takes over the kitchen, I was in charge of the bar. And it was for that occasion that this drink was born.

The Regal. For all of you gin fans and those on the fence, this tart-but-not-too-tart beverage is one for the books. Served in a tumbler (there’s something so awesome about drinking from a tumbler), this cocktail will give you just enough gin flavor without making you feel like you’re sucking on the needles of a pine tree. Four simple ingredients are all you need to prove this drink worthy of being served on the most special of occasions.


The Regal

(serving size – 1 cocktail)

3 oz gin (Bombay)

2 oz white cranberry juice (Ocean Spray)

1 oz gran marnier or triple sec

1 oz lime juice (roughly 1/2 to 1 lime)

Fill a shaker with ice. Pour all of the ingredients into the shaker and shake for a 30 count. Strain the drink into a glass and follow with the ice that remains in the shaker until the glass if full.

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