Miami Beach – Where “Bikini Season” Is Never Over

Fall. It is by far my favorite season. The heat and the humidity subside in September just enough to offer the option for jeans and long sleeves. As October unfolds, jackets are dusted off, reintroducing the act of layering to the everyday world of fashion. We forget all about the work we’ve done to acquire those Summer beach bods as we stuff our faces alongside family and friends over the first of two huge holidays that signify the end of yet another year. And then there is the snow.

That was my Autumn life for 33 years until my husband and I moved down to Miami Beach. Yes, there is Fall here. The temperatures aren’t as high as they were just a few weeks ago, and the humidity has decided to take a vacation as it does around this time every year. But where there would be snow is sand. The day-to-day temperatures, though lower, still invite the residents of this city to the warm waters of the Atlantic. Outdoor pools remain populated. The vegetation carries on being green. And all the work we’ve done to get in just enough shape to feel comfortable stripping down to our bathing suits hovers perpetually at the front of our minds.

In Miami Beach, “bikini season” is never over.

Winter will come and the temperatures will dip to a point where swimming in the ocean won’t be on the minds of most Floridians, but there is a culture down here that breeds the desire to get and stay in shape. Everywhere I turn, there are people jogging and biking. They are using the plethora of outdoor workout equipment stationed along the beach’s boardwalks. They are taking CrossFit and SoulCycle classes, and they are watching what they eat.

Since my husband and I found out we were moving to Miami Beach, we’ve collectively lost over 75 pounds. Through a combination of walking, running, weight-lifting and watching what and how late we eat, we’ve found ourselves fully immersed in the south Florida culture of getting healthy.

We don’t spend hours in the gym every day or obsess over every piece of food that goes into our mouths. What we do is make conscious decisions that have, over time, become habits. We think of how great we feel when we eat only to the point where we aren’t hungry anymore instead of to the point where we want to explode. We remind ourselves of that euphoric feeling of accomplishment we get whenever our Apple Watches alert us that we hit all three activity goals for the day. We hold onto the positive mental rewards that come from positive actions and we use that to maintain our momentum toward good health.

To keep on that path, I’ve decided to make this week a low carb week, featuring meals created in my kitchen that offer great flavor and enough heartiness to fill you up without weighing you down. A huge component in the successful weight loss my husband and I have had so far has been introducing variety in our meals. While we have not (nor will we EVER) shun carbs all together, having nights where vegetables and protein are the stars of the show has given our bodies what it needs to digest everything else we put into it. Paired with a more active lifestyle, we have found ourselves feeling better, sharper, lighter and healthier.

Here’s to the end of Summer and never forgetting about feeling good!

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