Jorge Pacheco Bio

For so many of us, it can take decades to figure out what we want to make of our professional lives. In Jorge Pacheco’s case, from the early days of boyhood, what were considered hobbies paved a path that has led him to where he is today.


Creator and CEO of OverGlobe, Jorge has always been interested in the world of trading. While most of the children he knew simply rode bikes and skateboards, Jorge spent much of his childhood purchasing those that didn’t quite work from his friends. In between taking rides of his own (an activity he still enjoys to this day), he repaired and modified the parts he thought needed attention and sold the refurbished products once the work was done, making a profit along the way.

His hobby of selling quickly developed into a profession. At the age of 19, he entered the fish industry as a broker while studying law in college. It was not long until he discovered what was most important to him and decided to pursue his business ventures full time.

Grains, cereals, canned foods as well as frozen meats and fish were commodities that Jorge surrounded himself with, acting as a broker and handling import processes for many of the products under his watch. In addition to maintaining an organized and efficient flow of merchandise, Jorge had the honor of coming to the U.S. with the President of Uruguay 12 years ago with an official mission of building import relations involving certain products between the two countries.

With experience in the mineral water business already under his belt, Jorge signed on to introduce the United States to a new product that surfaced in Uruguay four years ago — Virgen mineral water. The product, which is mined from 47 meters underground and piped directly into beautifully-crafted glass bottles, is one of the few waters that goes untouched by humans during the transfer and bottling processes. The natural purity of the water defeats any need for artificial filtration. And it is this quality that has given rise to purchasers in Mexico, Argentina, the Arab Emirates and Brazil.

More recently, Jorge has taken on an additional task of introducing a very rare olive oil-based product to the same high-end markets of the U.S. food industry that Virgen is destined to call home — Sentiments. Produced in Spain by a fellow Uruguayan, this product is the “caviar” of the olive oil world. Encased in a delicate seaweed, its golden pearl-like structure adds both flavor and heightened elegance to any dish it touches.

The originality and quality of both products attracted Jorge immediately, and they are what inspired this natural-born trader to take the biggest step of his life.

Six months ago, Jorge moved with his wife, his two daughters, five dogs and two siamese cats from Uruguay to Miami to take a personal part in promoting the growth of both Virgen mineral water and Sentiments olive oil pearls here in the States.

img_8671With his oldest son starting college here this Fall and his second oldest finishing his final year of high school back in Uruguay before making the move to Miami, Jorge understands the sacrifice he and is family are making. But there is a faith that Jorge carries — a true belief in the products that he sells. They are part of his family, and because of that, he devotes himself to making sure they find the home they deserve.

Despite his unparalleled dedication to attain success here in the U.S., Jorge Pacheco makes sure he spends time with his family. Whether it is taking his two daughters skateboarding, watching movies with his wife and children on the couch, or happily tucking his young ones into bed every night of the week, he looks forward to the day where all of his family are here with him in Florida.

Until then and beyond, the life of introducing quality products to uncharted regions of the world — a mission he committed to upon his creation of OverGlobe — remains a part of Jorge’s soul. And with Sentiments and Virgen at the helm of his endeavors, success appears to be nothing short of inevitable.

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