It’s Clementine Week here on the blog!

There’s a tiny little fruit that graces this Earth only during the Fall and Winter months, and this week I’ve chosen to honor the little guy. I’m talking about THE CLEMENTINE!

Clementines are one of the cutest fruits. They’re little and round and are so freaking delicious! I find that whenever they are in season, I’ve got no less than a dozen on hand to use in the recipes I create because of the way they work with so many different kinds of food and beverages. They are never overwhelmingly sweet and always juicy. And that combination is one of the many reasons I get excited whenever I see them sitting so preciously in the fruit section of my local grocery stores.

A few others in my home and I have been having so much fun with the clementines I’ve purchased, using them in an array of recipes and such. And this week, I plan on sharing a number of those dishes with you!

So if you haven’t purchased any yet, do yourself a favor and snag a few next time you’re at the grocery store before their inevitable hiatus. And stay tuned for some great dishes involving the fruit that always reminds me of the colder weather hanging out right around the corner!

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